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Earth Cleansing?


Are the prophesies of our ancestors both Native American and Non coming to truth? From reading and the teachings I have received, I believe that the Earth changes (cleansing) is definitely in progress, in fact has been for a couple years now and soon to increase. Watching the news, etc. tells the story, floods, hurricanes, drought, seismic activity, epidemics, nuclear accidents, and climatic changes. The list goes on and on. Recently at a sacred ceremony which was held for 4 days in Spooner, Wisconsin, USA, talking circles took place and in those circles many of our women shared their dreams of the disrespect and depletion of our most needed resource. Yes, the water. Through these dreams itís been discovered the immediate need for prayer and care of our waters. New ceremonies may be taking place because of these dreams.

Women piercing their bodies at the waters edge, giving of themselves so others will not have to suffer, giving of themselves for the protection and cleansing of our waters. In our sacred birch bark scrolls there is a picture of 4 circles with a bear in each, with his tongue out. This is believed to be the Bear piercing the veil into the next world, giving us the knowledge we need to proceed into the next world. This is the duty of those who posses that knowledge, to pass on the sacred ways of how to live with the earth, to once again create that connection, that alignment between The Great Spirit and Mother Earth. This is the teaching of Grandmother Turtle (TRUTH). The cleansing needs to take place, because so many of the earths people have become unbalanced and no longer have respect for the earth or our co inhabitants (4 legged, those that swim and fly, the trees, those that crawl) NO RESPECT for the very things necessary for our survival, the air we breath and the waters. Are you the Bear that will help to pierce the veil?

My thoughts and prayers

Songide Makwa


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