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Warriors Walk


As we learn, we see how we can do things consistent with out teachings. These folk have been walking the talk and are examples for us.


We gratefully thank these Warriors, who realize their responsibility and duty. Our Tribes, communities, states and nation are run by US. So how are WE doing? The environment, the jailing of many, the War on poverty, the War on drugs, the War on crime, are WARS on US !!! How can we do this to ourselves?


These warriors realize that in today’s world, non-violent protests, letters, petitions, phone, fax and email messages can make a difference. Voting is so important. If people of all minorities would stand together, they would be the majority.


I hope to post many examples of Warriors standing on the principles of humanity and the Circle of Life. If you send an example of a Warrior walking the talk, I will post them here. We know many women are Warriors, please send them too. Bruce


This was at the Bad River Tribe near Odana Wisconsin, USA. The railroad tracks were unsafe, however the railroad was planning on transferring tons of hazardous waste through the tribal lands. They were transporting sulfuric acid to the copper mine at White Pine Michigan.        It was reported that there is a fault line that runs under the mine and lake superior and we were afraid of this acid eventually seeping into the water, this was done at the request of the elders. There were many involved that are not pictured, both native and non-native. A joint effort of native and non-native working together to accomplish this task.

This protest effectively stopped this immanent danger.



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