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“The Nine Cycles of Hell”


Elders travel to Santa Fe to share wisdom at spiritual gathering


Maya High Council ---- Prophecy of 1490,    Palm Springs, California (AP)


The prophecy says it’s time to come together so the elders can teach people how to live on the land without destroying it.


That prediction is based on a 500-year-old prophecy. In 1490, based on the “sacred calendar” and position of the stars, the Maya High Council reported that the Americas were in for rough times. During an age called The Nine Cycles of Hell, the indigenous people would lose their culture religions, languages and sciences, according to the prophecy.

But in 1985, the council determined that the destructive age was over, and there would be a return to knowledge, or a golden age.

A meeting Oct. 10 th was the third gathering of indigenous elders and medicine people in which” the knowledge” is shared with others. The elders, some spiritual guides or warriors of peace, came from all corners of the Americas, including Alaska, Guatemala, Montana and Santa Clara Pueblo.

“We have waters that no longer have fish because of pollution. The soil has been eroded, no longer able to give plant life. The air is no longer clean.” Leon Secatero of Cochiti Pueblo said. “ The future culture. We have to teach them how not to destroy the (four) elements  (of water, soil, air and fire). We have to go back and teach that.

Secatero was among a group of about 200 indigenous elders and medicine people from the Americas who made pilgrimages to the Spiritual gathering on sacred land in Northern New Mexico. On Oct. 10, the last their gathering, the members of the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of America united in Santa Fe to discuss and their ancestral wisdom, medicine and prophecies.

We had to evaluate ourselves, our medicines, our sacred path,” said Secatero, whose father is Hopi and Apache and whose mother is Navajo. “Are the connections (among indigenous cultures in the Americas) still there? Are they still intact? It stopped for a while, but now it’s time to bring them out.”

Each of us has a responsibility to the Earth,” said Sitting Buffalo of Montana. “We must all assume responsibility to protect our Earth. It’s time stop talking and start acting.”


The people who traveled to the meeting spoke many languages and a variety of dialects.

At one point in the discussion, an elderly woman spoke an Indian language, her son translated what she said into Portuguese, that was then translated into English and a fourth person translated that into Spanish.

“We are at a very exciting point in our lives that we’re all able to come together,” Jose Lucero of Santa Clara Pueblo said. “In the first world, we all spoke one language. We must come together again to speak one language.”

During this most recent meeting, the only one so far in North America, the elders said the Earth must be treated the way it was before settlers moved in.

“Each of us has a responsibility to the Earth,” said Sitting Buffalo of Montana. “We must all assume responsibility to protect our Earth. It’s time to stop talking and start acting.” (The end.)



Here we have another prophecy stating virtually the same thing, with the same conclusion: It is time to teach respect for our environment. If we don’t, and/or the lessons are not learned, the  prophecy is clear. The scientific and academic communities have the proof of the  danger, endorsing these prophesies. It is indeed time to take action and learn/teach how to live in balance with things. We hope the information on this page is a start. Seek out elders. If you can’t find ‘em’ send a note with  your location. Also, if you or your group would like to join this effort, please send a note. We will be coordinating with as many groups as we can, to develop a united group to save us from ourselves. (eggy)


I received this information from News From Indian Country,thankyou.     LATE OCT. 1999 - VOL. XIII


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